Field Inspections

Harris Design & Technology offers a variety types of field inspections for residential and commercial properties. Get your property inspected by a licensed building company!

Field inspections are on a per-project basis, and provides an in-person visual inspection of homes, apartment buildings and other commercial real estate. 

Types of Inspections

Drive-by Inspections

These are the simplest type of inspection. It involves driving by the property, taking selected photos, and make a visual inspection log. 

Photo only Inspections

This type of inspection offers photos and a brief description of the property or piece of collateral. These are very easy and very common. Clients have a choice to have a certain time of day that they want the photos or interviews done. 

Full Property Inspections

These involve indicating the square footage of the property, as well as reporting on the condition of the property. A video of the property conditions will be recorded and uploaded for private viewing and a written report will be conducted. The report will include info on any Environmental, hazardous conditions, neighborhood conditions and type, roof conditions, exterior condition, and of course includes includes photos to verify.

Construction Inspections

HDT has performed Construction Inspections for commercial contractors. Visual inspection of construction progress and written activity reports provided to general contractors and construction managers. Activities include reporting, current conditions, hazards & violations, blueprint compliance, and photo documentation.


Insurance Inspections

These inspections are generally offered to insurance companies.  HDT offers  accurate, reliable and timely information. Insurance inspections may include: Exterior photos, interior photos, a condition checklist, specific features verified, damage or needed repair photos, other custom options.  Occasionally measurements and diagrams are created to meet client needs.

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