Benefits of Hiring Contractors

Chron's small business lists several reasons of hiring contractors over employees. Benefits includes saving both time and money of the hiring process. "The hiring process, training and benefits associated with hiring full time employees can cost well into the thousands of dollars. Many small businesses do not have the resources to go through this process when in need of workers for a critical but finite project." Also there is less time and valuable resources spent during severance with the contractor, than with an employee.

However, the most beneficial element that Harris Design & Technology Services offers their clients is specialized services. Clients can take advantage of hiring a contractor already experienced in the necessary competencies for the term of the project. Harris Design & technology specializes in producing revit models allowing clients to take advantage of BIM technology for their building projects. Models can be produced from CAD Drawings or point clouds.

Harris Design & Technology Services also provides "as built" surveys for those who are beginning a renovation process. We used digital technology that that omits many errors that can be caused by traditional pencil and paper. For more information on how HDT an benefit your business visit

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