''Revit'' Sustainable Building Design

Due to high recent demands in architectural building trades, where more developed designs and structures are being made to match world's modernity. HDT produces more sophisticated building designs which are being made to suit the needs at which they are being built to our numerous clients globally via:

Design and documentation; places intelligent elements like walls, doors, and windows. ''Revit'' generates floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, 3D views, and renderings.

Analysis; optimizes building performance early in the design process, run cost estimates, and monitor performance changes over the project’s and building’s lifetime.

Visualization; generates photo-realistic renderings. Create documentation with cutaways and 3D views, and stereo panoramas to extend your design to virtual reality.

Multi-discipline co-ordination; since 'Revit' is a multi-discipline BIM platform, you can share model data with engineers and contractors within Revit, reducing coordination tasks.

For details on your building plans and designs, contact us @

Harris Design & Technology Services www.harrisdesigntechnology.com 313-307-6705

Shop Drawings and Rebar Schedules in Autodesk Revit

Creating a Perspective View

Area Plans and Dependent Views

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