HDT Construction Inspection Services !!!

With the level of massive urban and community development going on globally, there's need to address and ensure full compliance to both health, safety and CDM (Construction (Design and Management)) regulations, as they are very necessary, so as to forestall potential risks to lives and gives the property owner the peace of mind.

Proper timing and the frequency at which inspections are done during constructions helps in managing the project as it grants certainty towards - structural stability, site conditions and order, no obstructions etc.

Before it's time for you to be taken on the final walk-through of your new property, we advocate you seek HDT's inspection services, as we have demonstrated result-oriented services all these fruitful years we've been in the field.

Our arrival on the property guarantees full evaluation, taking our time to ensure that there were no oversights during the construction process, no defects and intolerance to any form of violation which could or may have occurred during construction process.

Contact: Harris Design & Technology Services 313-307-6705 or Visit; www.harrisdesigntechnology.com

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