Workflow: MEP Model/Architectural Model

With the high rate of demand of experts in the building trade, the use of "Revit" MEP has gotten a significance role towards helping architects and engineers (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) synergize to give a much desired optimum results.

Our Revit MEP usage in design purposes is able to leverage dynamic information in intelligent models — allowing complex building systems to be accurately designed and documented in a shorter amount of time. Each intelligent model created with Revit MEP represents an entire project and is stored in a single database file. This allows changes made in one part of the model to be automatically propagated to other parts of the model, thus enhancing the workflow for Revit MEP users.

What are the benefits our clients getting their projects done using Revit MEP?

Of course, there are numerous benefits of using Revit MEP. The BIM workflow offered by Revit MEP not only maximizes productivity but also helps to streamline your design and documentation workflows; speeding projects from design to completion while automating updates across your model with a single design change. Autodesk Revit MEP offers many other tools and features that can enhance productivity such as Building Performance Analysis, Autodesk 360 Integration, Construction Documentation, Pressure and Flow Calculations, Pressure Loss Reports, Parametric Components, and much more.

We are HDT and have been in the business operating with Revit MEP which are used to fast-track the design and construction of residential homes and commercial buildings; leveraging BIM to allow everyone involved in the project to explore, visualize, and understand the outcomes of design choices from the earliest stages of the project. Ultimately, Revit MEP is used to streamline the engineering design process using a single model to enhance the communication of design intent before construction begins.

For your projects;

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