Facility Innovations in Warehouse Design and Operations

As logistics has developed into a science of efficiency, distribution centers have evolved. Today, they’re far more complex than ever before, requiring a smarter design and construction approach.

With HDT Services, we believe architectural design should provide tangible value to owners investing in distribution centers. With our latest soft-wares and experience, our design supports your facility’s many functions and promote all avenues of efficiency, including:-

Logistical Efficiency - by promoting maximum efficiency in the facility’s distribution functions Project Efficiency - by minimizing up-front costs and construction schedule

Long-term Cost Efficiencies - by specifying materials, building systems and designs that provide energy savings and lasting operational efficiencies.

For decades, our team has been in the building trade industry, and have the expertise to cover the goals your design should support, key considerations as you begin your project and a design approach that enhances your facility’s efficiencies.


Harris Design & Technology Services 313-307-6705 www.harrisdesigntechnology.com

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