Revit Modeling; Successful Facilities Management

Facilities Management; an integrated approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting building and infrastructure assets in order to support the primary objectives of the occupants, owners and facility managers. It constitutes an extensive field encompassing multidisciplinary and independent disciplines whose overall purpose is to maximize building functions while ensuring occupants well-being.

With HDT's fruitful years of satisfying the numerous needs in providing guidance for creating Revit/BIM facility models that can be used effectively in facilities management - such as generating proper area plans, creating areas and placing assets, we do also explore concepts including level of accuracy, level of development and communication of your modeling needs.

Our enormous experience in the business of helping our clients focus primarily on the creation of unrivaled simple models that can be used as the foundations for facility plans to be used for space management, asset management and maintenance.

The merits are;

Documentation and Record Keeping

Preventive Maintenance Modelling

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Management of Spatial Requirements

Asset Management

Disaster Planning and Management

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