"VDC Implementation Process"

The definition of VDC has been improved in line with the construction industry development. Within this period, it's described as a revolutionary technology in managing construction projects with the use of BIM software by developing project design into a virtual building; it is 3-Dimensional (3D) and in computable information.

One of the core services of HDT, is that we run simulations on buildings before construction even takes place. VDC typically uses the - Building Information Modeling software to construct representations of the building. One of the biggest tools our company uses besides BIM in their VDC process is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Between BIM and AR/VR, our project managers and designers can walk around sites and tell how everything should look.

VDC has created a paradigm shift in the AEC industry for generating and managing the project information more effectively and efficiently.

HDT services offer consulting services for developing BIM Implementation guidelines and VDC implementation management for it's successful execution on construction projects.

Conclusively, our process of implementing VDC are via;

Product visualization: With the help of product visualization tools such as AutoCAD ADT, Revit, a 3D model of how the structure would look like after construction is finished is developed to create a common understanding amongst the project participants.

Product Modeling & Analyzing: The already developed 3D model of the building is analyzed to understand how the building will be constructed over time.

Organizational Process: This phase includes simulation of organizational effort required to complete a project and analyzing the potential threats that may eventually lead to a delay in the project. Sophisticated software such as VDT and SimVision are utilized in this phase.

Online collaboration: This phase includes the collaboration of project teams that may be situated in different parts of the globe using a shared model of the product.

The final stage of implementing VDC includes conducting meetings to meet the business objectives of the project and the client.

For your Revit Models - contact us at;

Harris Design & Technology Services 313-307-6705 or Visit: www.harrisdesigntechnology.com

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