VDC/BIM In Construction

Over the years Building Information Management (BIM) has evolved into Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), which involves the integrated digital management of all phases of a construction project.

Knowing the VDC-BIM are key to effectively communicating and delivering a quality construction project in the modern digital age. HDT Services have been helping our numerous clients with their construction projects that makes them leverage on the latest cutting-edge technology that satisfies that choice of design, budget & a lasting peace of mind.

We establish a BIM plan and requirements, organize digital models, coordinate with teams & manage your projects. Having us in mind gives you enormous advantages, as we've demonstrated unrivaled success in the architectural and construction industry profession as we plan, execute, and manage construction projects of any size.

For your projects, reach us @

Harris Design & Technology Services 313-307-6705 or Visit: www.harrisdesigntechnology.com

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