Guidelines for Outsourcing BIM - Key Takeaways for AEC Professionals

Outsourcing helps a great deal at achieving amazing results and fast tracking a project. When it comes to outsourcing BIM, there are certain guidelines that need to be follow to achieve optimum results.

In this article, you will be provided with some exclusive, effective and tested methodologies that can serve as guidelines for AEC Professionals to Outsource BIM.

Even as you utilize third party manpower, these guidelines will help keep you control by keeping issues like communication gap in check.

guidelines for outsourcing bim

Outsourcing is a sensitive task. Without considering certain parameters before setting the process in motion, results come turn out to be detrimental. However, there is a way to ensure that results come out favourable.

Let's go into details on a comprehensive road map on how you can outsource your next BIM project.

Guidelines For AEC Professionals To Outsource Bim

Seeking third party BIM support helps to reduce staff work load and gives your team time to cater for other important project activities.

Achieving desired results within your planned timeframe doesn't have to be a hassle. Done right, outsourcing can help revolutionize how project are carried out, creating a progressive work space where staffs are efficient.

If increasing the productivity of your BIM team and getting even more paying client for your business is the end goal, these guidelines can get you there.

1) Day-to-day Tactical Assistance

Sometimes, devoting valuable staff man power to a project convenient at a particular point in time.

Draining your staff is never a good idea, with outstanding they are given the help they need to perform at optimum capacity.

Let's face it, even your best staffs produce lesser results when faced with work stress beyond their capacity.

Services provided include;

  1. Providing quick answers to technical questions

  2. Creating important contents like standards documentation and styles development

  3. Software configuration and deployment

With these services in place, your project gets a step closer to producing your desired results. This gives a clear pointer to the type of outsourcing companies you should consider working with.

2) Assistance For In-house Cad/Bim Managers

When it comes to handling a big project, or a series of projects, having one BIM or CAD manager may not be enough. With outsourcing, you can take the primary work load off the shoulders of your staff.

With an external BIM management service your project will be handled by experts who are willing to utilize certain productivity strategic.

Tactical initiatives for effective BIM implementation are put into better practice after a careful evaluation has been carried out on the use of BIM in the company.

Boosting productivity can be taken a step further by training staffs on how to better utilize BIM packages.

3) Access To Industry Best Practices

The whole essential of outsourcing is collaborating by pulling resources together towards achieving a common goal.

This presents an opportunity for technical services team to share extensive knowledge and experience with BIM across many industries.

This presents a major benefit to your firm as it creates an environment where your staffs can learn for other experts.

A standard BIM management service can help you implement BIM standards with the aid of best practices based on the consultant’s experience in the industry.

4) Tailored Implementation According To Company Style

Developing a BIM management plan specific to the needs of your firm requires examination by the best experts. Although your staffs may already be experts, a third party is more likely to see the business from a clearer perspective.

It is no news that different firms have their own methodologies and process style. These methodologies are what make them unique and different similar service providers in the market.

outsourcing bim services

To customize the BIM services offerings which blend with the company philosophy plays an integral role in the smooth process as well as the success of the outsourcing exercise.

Wanting to free up some of your time and resources is no crime at all. If anything else, it shows that you are seeing things from the bigger pictures. So where do you go from here? Feel free to gather team and discuss how we can boost the efficiency of the BIM operations in your firm.


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