BIM Clash Detection

Clash occurs when components that make up a built asset are not spatially coordinated and conflict. In a BIM process, these clashes can be spotted more easily during the design phase of a project ahead of work starting on site.

Architectural design is a dynamic field that requires effective coordination between several stakeholders for desired results. Currently, any construction design project involves several stakeholders such as structural engineers, architects, contractors, suppliers and vendors, sometimes making the project completion process highly-complex.

Clash Detection is an important and integral part of the BIM modeling process. Clash detection arises out of the fact that, in BIM modeling, there is not just one model, but several, that are, in the end integrated into a composite master model. Each discipline: structural engineering, MEP engineering, environmental engineering, etc…, creates a model, independently of all the others, based upon the architects original model, which is the starting point for all the other disciplines.

HDT experts has delivered projects free from these clashes as it help find these inconsistencies forestalled in construction process, delays, design changes, materials costs and a cascade of headaches and budget overruns.

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