The Relevance of BIM to Architectural, Structural & MEP Engineers !!!

BIM (Building Information Modeling) being a new paradigm for all Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) professions. Advanced & developing nations such as - USA, UK, Singapore, Chile, Russia, Brasil, China etc are demanding the use of BIM in public biddings, including Nordic countries, Therefore, sooner than later, BIM will be present in the daily work of all the mentioned professionals. From the public works, it rapidly migrates to private projects, both in buildings and infrastructure, as can be seen in the more BIM matured countries. There are tens of documented uses of BIM, including 3D design, clash detection between disciplines, design coordination, quantity take off for budgeting, visualization, documenting, planning, site analysis, construction site layout, pre-construction/prefabrication, facilities management, existing conditions modeling and demolition/deconstruction planning. BIM is so important & has such a big impact because it can be used in all phases of the building lifecycle (from inception to demolition) and by almost all AEC professionals. Although the importance of BIM varies among architecture, structural and MEP engineers, it is very important to the project as a whole because the models of all trades are essential to most BIM uses (e.g., extracting quantities for budgeting makes no sense if only architecture is modeled, because the structure cost and MEP costs will not be computed. The same applies to clash detection, and so on).

Works best if all players are invested in the BIM paradigm, as it's competent in its implementation.

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