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Building Surveying

HDT’s assessment and roadmap methodology is based on 25 years of experience in conducting productivity and quality measurement and process improvement projects. Our repeatable methodology involves two distinct phases:1. AssessmentAssess business processes: What are the inputs, outputs, resources, constraints for the processes? What are the process maps and metrics?Assess workforce: What are the available skillsets? What are the knowledge levels of best practices and standards? What are the expertise levels with tools and methods?Assess technologies: What are the IT environment, platforms, and systems? What are the engineering, manufacturing, supply chain productivity software products in use? What are the levels of performance, scalability, availability, security, integration?2. Gap Analysis and RoadmapPerform Gap Analysis: What are industry best practices and benchmarks? What are the gaps between your current processes, workforce, and technologies and industry best practices?Define Strategy and Roadmap: How can you get ready for implementation? What are the roles and responsibilities? What specific solutions are most suitable for your company? What training is required? What is a realistic implementation plan?Develop Business Case: How can you project and measure ROI? What are the costs and risks?3. DeliverableThe deliverable of the assessment is an Assessment Report outlining areas for improvement. The deliverable of the gap analysis is the gaps between current processes, workforce, and technologies and best practices of top performing companies with lean engineering, manufacturing, or supply chain management. The deliverable of the roadmap is a phased implementation including recommendations on software, training, and continuous improvement.